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How We Are

"Why our life has influence on others” is a wise saying. The Mbadinuju Administration (1999-2003) gave death-blow on the educational system in Anambra State. Teachers had their tolls down. Their pay rolls were not paid by the state Government of Mbadinuju. State schools were not shot down. Pupils/students roamed about like shifting sand. Only mission and private schools which were few operated. They over flowed with pupils/students. But there was no private/mission in Awkuzu. It was a miserable scene to observe our boys/girls idea and mischievous. This educational life was hanging on the balance. What should be done to check educational hazard created by the then government became the food thought for all education lovers. In one of the meetings held by the Catholic Community Awkuzu, instanced by the parish priest Rev. Fr.C. I. Okonkwo, a resolution was made to find solution and check the menace of our children drifting away educationally and spiritually a post primary school should be built by Catholic Community to absorb all primary school leavers.”

Our Vission

To attain an amazing educational excellence, positively enhancing ideals for academic, spiritual and moral progress, through relevant and best learning practices that transform goals, strengthen commitment, transform and confirm learning to enhance results.

Our Mission

We are on a journey to the best (and never rest, until our good is better and our better best), building foundations and capacities that enhance students’ potentials to become increasingly.


knowledgeable, through discovering and developing optimally their natural born abilities to rightly assert self-esteem and contribute positively in future to the church and society.

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